Monday, 26 September 2011

Bookmakers believe in Bendtner tonight

It is widely expected, that Nicklas Bendtner will make his third consecutive line up in the Premier League as Sunderland visit Norwich tonight. This will be the first time in 18 month, that Bendtner get three starts in a row.

In his previous 14 appereances (12 for Arsenal and 2 for Sunderland) in 2011 in the Premier League, Bendtner has not scored a single goal.

Steve Bruce, Bendtners teammates and fans have sent lots of praise Nicklas Bendtner's way this last week, and the believe in Bendtner also show when it comes to the bookmakers.

A bet on Bendtner would bring in the lowest return in the Sunderland squad. In the Norwich team, a bet on Grant Holt would bring the lowest return.

Kick off 8 PM tonight. Shown on SkySports (UK) and Onside (DK).