Monday, 19 September 2011

Bendtner second best against Stoke according to fans

Even though he still has to score his first goal in the red and white stripes,
Sunderland fans seems happy with Bendtners perfomance.

According to a poll on, Sunderland fans rate Bendtner as the second best player in the team in the 4-0 vicotry against Stoke, currently claiming more than 13 % of the votes. The poll ends later this week.
And it is the third goalscorer Vaughan, who looks like taking the Star Man glory, currently leading the poll massively with almost 34 % of the votes. Larsson and Mignolet battles for third and fourth place.
Last week Bendtner took third place in a similar vote after his debut against Chelsea.
Bendtner played 81 minutes of the game, and set up Vaughan for the third goal with a short pass. He was also involved in the second goal, as he forced Woodgate to make an own goal.