Friday, 16 September 2011

Bendtner: My focus lies with Sunderland

Bendtner in action for the Black Cats
Nicklas Bendtner believes he is at a time in his career where he needs to be playing regular football and so was happy to get the opportunity to do so with Steve Bruce’s side.

Earlier today he told reporters, that the decision to go on a loan move to Sunderland was an easy decision.

"I'd been in and out of the team a lot and never really got a run of games and that was something I felt I couldn't do anymore. I am getting to an age where I need to play regularly. I want to be a football player and achieve the ambitions I have and I couldn't do that while being in Arsenal so for me it was an easy decision to come to Sunderland and play".

After coming from a team that have played in the Champions League consistently season after season, Bendtner admitted he still has the taste for the continent's elite competition, but wants to do well where he is right now.

"I'm not looking at that at the moment. I'm looking one year ahead and being here for one year is where my focus lies".