Sunday, 18 September 2011

Bendtner to Danish media: I have been misunderstood

In a rare moment of self-knowledge in an interview with Danish TV 2, Nicklas Bendtner admits, that he can be cocky when speaking to the press, but also have been misunderstood.

The Danish striker hopes to be reborn in the north of England with Sunderland this season.

One of his goals this season is to make up with the general opinion, that he is an overrated player with an ego not matching his talents on the pitch.

"It's my own fault. I have come to say things that could be misunderstood. I have not been clear enough, and people have turned and twisted what I said", Bendtner said.

All though this season offers football at a smaller club than he is accustomed to, Bendtner still believe that he can reach a higher level in his career.

"I have ambition to play Champions League again. When you've been there, you know how important a tournament it is. But for now I am not thinking about that".

Bendtner will with utmost certainty be in  the starting 11, when Sunderland clashes with Stoke on the Stadium of Light later today.