Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Bendtner to fans: Fuck you!

When Nicklas Bendtner scored his first goal against Norway last month he shouted "Fuck you" to the Danish fans in the stadium.

It was not personal. Or maybe it was. Just not directed at the fans, who actually heard Nicklas Bendtner's outburst.

Just after scoring, the striker ran towards the national team's audience and emptied his lungs in a mixture of frustration and redemption. Now he explains what he was screaming - and why:

"Well, I shouted, Fuck you! I shouted it as loud as I could and it came straight from the heart to all the doubters", says Bendtner in an interview with Danish media.

Nicklas Bendtner clearly feels pursued - and the goal was an opportunity to give something back to those who have critized him and his football abilities - on both sides of the chalk lines.

"I can tolerate criticism of my football games, also my performance for the national team, but I hate it when some distort the truth and create their own lying picture of me - or the entire national team for that matter. It gives people the wrong image of me, and it's annoying", Bendtner said.

Hopefully for Denmark, the striker will get another opportunity to scream "Fuck you" to the Danish crowd in the two matches against Cyprus and Portugal in the following week.